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Introducing the rover


πŸ‘οΈ Eye-Catching: Stand out at trade shows, classrooms, everywhere.

πŸš— Sleek Design: A 1:5 scale, 10kg marvel that captivates with its fierce look.

πŸ”§ Flexibility: Easily mount your hardware for a tailored experience.

🌐 CAN Bus Integration: Show your products in action with our CAN & electronics kit.

🏒 For Corporations: Elevate presentations, forge connections and showcase products.

πŸŽ“ For Educators: Hands-on learning, bridging theory and practice.

πŸ“œ Open Source: Reference applications built on open-source software available.

Ideal for those keen to experiment with unique developmental concepts, the Developer's Standard Rover provides a flexible platform for your innovation. This versatile rover lays the groundwork for your ambitious projects.
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Case studies


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Customer 2


Customer 3


Interacting with the Rover using Simulink

Simulink is a crucial software tool in the automotive realm, offering engineers a visual platform to model vehicle systems via block diagrams. Engineers leverage this versatile software to simulate and refine control algorithms for engines,

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Using the Rover in education

Greetings to all educators, students, and technology enthusiasts! We are excited to present the potential of our Rover, featuring a programmable car as an engaging learning tool in various educational settings. The Rover is designed

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How to get started with the Rover

There are various projects that can be realized using the CanEduDev Rover, but the simplest way to get started is to set up the Rover like any regular radio-controlled model car. To start with, you

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