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Lars-Berno Fredriksson

CEO, Head of Sales

As the CEO and Sales Head of the project, Lars-Berno Fredriksson guides the overall strategic direction and is responsible for driving sales. His rich experience in leadership roles and deep understanding of the market are key to identifying new opportunities, fostering partnerships, and overseeing business operations. With his exceptional skills in negotiation and building customer relationships, Lars ensures our product reaches as many educators and students as possible, creating a significant impact on education technology.

Hashem Hashem

COO, Head of Engineering

Hashem is an accomplished software engineer with a background in autonomous trucks and CAN hardware. During his time as a computer engineering student, he had the privilege of being among the early users of the CanEduDev Rover. His internship allowed him to develop a control application for the Rover, sparking his enthusiasm for hands-on experiences in robotics, AI, and control systems. Hashem firmly believes that providing students with engaging opportunities to explore these fields is crucial, given the increasing reliance of companies on these technologies in today’s world.

Mikkel Gerdes


With 20 years in the digital landscape, Mikkel has an innate flair for evolving startups into established brands. As Head of Digital at Kvaser AB, he overhauled the digital strategy, driving extensive global reach. He’s the recent co-founder of CanEduDev with more insights on the horizon. As the founder of Gerdes IT, Mikkel invested in diverse sectors including HR-Tech and Foodtech. Under his leadership at Tagsom, innovative SaaS solutions were introduced, facilitating rapid business growth. Mikkel’s transformative journey with Talent Match saw a mere concept flourish into a robust AI service. A proud Umeå University alumnus, his core strengths encompass AI, Marketing, Business Transformation, and Software Development.

CanEduDev History

CanEduDev is a dynamic technology company devoted to revolutionizing the learning of the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol through our specially designed DevKits and rovers, which began as a pioneering side project within Kvaser AB in 2018, and has since evolved into a standalone company in 2023, dedicated to becoming the leading platform for demonstrating and testing new CAN software and hardware products.


Seed Planted

The seeds of the CanEduDev project were planted within Kvaser AB as a pioneering side venture. The goal? To create a leading platform for hands-on learning about the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol.


Technical Universities

The project took an exciting turn with the initiation of collaborations with technical universities. During this period, we also welcomed summer students into the fold, who contributed to creating code and testing the early versions of the DevKits. These partnerships marked the beginning of CanEduDev’s integration into academic environments.


Swedish Partnership

The project started to gain momentum. The first test clients came on board and productive partnerships with leading Swedish universities were established. During this time, the value of the DevKits was validated in both academic and real-world applications, setting the stage for future growth.


Standalone Company

Recognizing the potential of CanEduDev and its impact on industries reliant on CAN protocols, a decision was made to establish CanEduDev as a standalone company. The aim? To fully devote resources to its mission of becoming the leading platform for demonstrating and testing new software and hardware products in the CAN domain, fostering innovation and hands-on learning in the process.



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